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Millennials Expect Fast Responses

Instantly respond to your leads via text...automatically. Millennials are one of the fastest-growing buyer segments. They expect lightspeed responses. Give it to them with an automated text message as soon as they download your Rainmaker Lead System content.

How To Use Text Messaging Text Messaging Is Integrated Into The Rainmaker Lead System To Work For You.

Immediate, Automatic Reply

When a new lead completes a microsite lead capture form, our system will send them a text message immediately. Show them you are the most responsive agent they've ever worked with!

Appealing To Millennials

Millennials make up one of the fastest-growing home buying segmentsbuying houses! They expect a fast response when they reach out. Don't disappoint an entire segment of potential buyers and sellers.

Sign Response

Use the Rainmaker Lead System text messaging on your For Sale signs. When a drive-by is interested, they can send a text to your special number and get an instant response containing a link to your mobile-friendly microsite to visit for more information. You get a new lead.

Open House

Spice up your open house sign-up sheet. Have visitors send a text message to your Rainmaker Lead System number and instantly respond with home details while you capture another lead.

Try Rainmaker Text Now
Pick up your phone and send "join rainmaker" to 240-752-8202 and see for yourself how fast you can turn prospects into sellers and buyers.

No charges apply, no committment implied, it's just a demo. It's really cool, give it a try!

The Rainmaker Lead System includes a text message component for a reason: appealing to an on-demand, immediate service generation. We live in a world where people cannot wait around for a call back or even an email response; they want information and they want it now! The Rainmaker Lead System uses that desire to help you capture more leads.

Thanks For Downloading

Send immediate, no-effort text message responses when a prospect turns into a lead by completing a Rainmaker Lead System lead capture form.

Zappy Open House

Have your open house visitors sign in using a text message. They'll instantly get more information on the property, and you'll get a lead.

Sign Response

Put your Rainmaker Lead System number on your signs . Drive-bys can instantly get more property information and you get a text alert about your new lead.

Rainmaker Lead System Mailbox. Inbox. Online. Where are you reaching your customers?

Why choose us

I It's real estate service at the speed of light. Connect with your leads instantly. Whether you're responding to an inquiry or giving prospects an easy way to learn more information, you're providing 21st century service. Effortlessly

  • Immediate response to your leads
  • Phone number in your area code included
  • Unique stand-out from the crowd open house and sign responses
  • Alerts to you when you get a new lead so you can respond immediatly
  • Customizable form to capture lead information.
  • Create an unlimited number of lists. One for every neighborhood, every listing, etc.
  • Customizable form to capture lead information
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