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You know you need a social media presence, but it takes consistent effort and time. Good news! Our automatic posting puts fresh content on your social feeds every week. It's like going to a cocktail party and having someone do all the schmoozing for you.

S howing value everywhere your clients are can be exhausting. Social media is one place clients and prospects will want to connect and evaluate you and your abilities — it's often your prospect's first impression of you. But feeding your social networks takes a lot of time — time you could be spending selling. With the Rainmaker Lead System, we take the pain out of adding new content to your social networks ... poof. We'll automatically post new content every week onto your social networks — ZERO effort on your part.


Known as the 'business' social network, we post fresh new content to your network for you automatically every week.


Everyone's on Facebook, including you. You can see and edit all social posts before they go out, or just let them post automatically.


Selling homes 140 characters at a time. We'll post automatically for you with links back to your Rainmaker Lead System microsites.

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Remember that as a realtor, all of your materials and marketing are a reflection of you, your standards and your professionalism. The Gooder Group meets the gold standard.

Meg Ross, Realtor®, Arlington, VA Keller Williams

Why choose us

I t's a brave, new world. The Rainmaker Lead System takes all the effort out of maintaining your presence on the three major social networks. We give you the ability to Set It and Forget It and simply let us do the posting for you. We'll send the content to you ahead of time you can make tweeks, comments, or just leave it as is. We'll then post it for you — so you can focus on your business.

  • Automatic, zero-effort posting to all three major social networks.
  • Connected to Rainmaker Lead System microsites to capture new leads.
  • Fresh new content every week consistent with your print messaging.
  • Thought leadership to a wide audience, and delivers a professional first impression.
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Set-it-and-Forget-it Marketing

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Free eBook: Social Media 101 for Real Estate Pros

Learn how to make social media work for you in this eBook: Social Media 101 for Real Estate Pros

You will learn:
  • How to overcome fears of creating a social presence.
  • What, when and how often to post.
  • Simple ways to differentiate yourself on social media.
  • What social networks to focus on for the biggest impact.

  • If you aren’t posting content in social media outlets, you will get zero leads and zero closed sales from this interactive community.