10 Powerful Campaigns, 32 Profitable Offers

Pick the seller or buyer campaigns to fit your marketing goals. Then target your best prospects. RAINMAKER POSTCARDS make it easy to plan and budget your entire year's marketing campaign. All cards come personalized with your individual imprint.


Print postcards are often the best way to make a name for yourself in your market. Especially if you don't have a list. We can send to your entire neighborhood.

Consistant Follow Through

A sustained print marketing effort tells your market you are a force in your market.

Lead Generation

Print postcards lead your prospects to a webpage that promises a brochure or eBook if they supply their contact information.

Digital Nurture

After your lead fills out your online form, we send a text message from you to them. We then send emails and update your social network for you with fresh content automatically.

Thought Leadership

Postcard campaigns position you as a thought-leader in your market and drive prospects to you.

Nurture Your Clients

Former clients that receive your postcards are 78% more likely to recommend you.


Listing Campaign #1

Designed to pose questions to your market prospects, this campaign let's sellers know you have the answers.

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Listing Campaign #2

This educational campaign gets potential sellers thinking about all the reasons they need your guidance.

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Move Up Campaign

Specifically targeted to listing prospects looking for their next, larger home, this campaign is perfect for older communities.

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First-Time Buyer Campaign

Target this campaign to higher-density or rental markets to develop interest in your ability to help first-time buyers.

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Expired Campaign

Perfect during a buyer-market when homes aren't selling quickly enough. Position yourself as the solution.

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New Homes Campaign

When a new development is built nearby, blanket your resale market with this campaign to help your prospects get the best deal possible.

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FSBO Campaign

In a seller's market, sellers think real estate is easy. This campaign highlights why sellers need your professional guidance.

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Short Sale Campaign

If your market has been stagnant, your market needs your expert advice more than ever. This campaign highlights your ability to guide prospects through the process.

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Foreclosed Campaign

Investors both professional and first-time need guidance when developing a portfolio of foreclosed properties, position yourself as their expert.

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Build Your Own

Build your own campaign from ANY of our postcards to target your market perfectly.

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