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Cultivate customers and ask for referrals in style with the 4-page, full-color LoanLetter filled with helpful tips and insightful articles covering mortgage financing, refinancing, taxes, home buying and more! Your mortgage clients, prospects and referrals will find each issue informative and worth saving, and they'll pass it along to friends and relatives ready to refinance or buy!. Monthly full-color, 4-page newsletter. Every month insightful articles provide authoritative advice -- from how to sell in today's market and take terrific tax breaks to relocating stress-free and mortgage financing. Monthly full-color, 4-page newsletter.

  • Ideal for follow-up or long-term contact.
  • Newsletters arrive personalized, folded and mailed for you or delivered ready to mail.
  • Calls-to-action in every issue ask for new business and referrals!
  • Economical way to keep in touch with your sphere of influence, past customers, farms.
  • EDDM Rainmaker Newsletters - ready-to drop at local post office. Every house. No lists. Low postage.
  • Use MyCustom service for low-cost newsletter marketing!

What Rainmaker Newsletters Can Do For You!

Re-Energize Sphere Of Influence

Each edition is personalized with your photo, name, title, phone number, company name and address. We can even print your standard bulk rate permit on your Newsletters to make it easy to mail out.

Noteworthy Customer-Oriented

You benefit from more business when neighbors and friends pass along your invaluable Rainmaker Newsletters. No recipes. No puzzles. No games. Just solid information worth reading and saving. Rainmaker Newsletters are the perfect way to keep in touch -- and generate business for you!

More Results

Each edition features calls to action that ask for business. Referrals and past customers will take advantage of these easy reasons to contact you!


EDDM Rainmaker Newsletters Make Hyperlocal Lead Generation Simple

With EDDM Rainmaker Newsletters your geographic marketing is delivered to every home every mailing lists needed! Same great newsletters. Even greater low postage rate.

Newsletters Can Be Mailed For You "Hands Free"

We can mail your newsletters for you. Simply give us your list and we will take care of everything for you, shipped directly to your farm from our printing facitility. We build your brand.

Shipped-To-You Directly Or Your Mail House

Each personalized Newsletter comes folded to 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", tabbed and is ready to be labeled and mailed out. EDDM Rainmaker Newsletters are folded to 8.5 X 11" and do not need to be tabbed or addressed. Nothing could be easier.

Rainmaker MyCustom

Is a service that allows newsletter subscribers to customize their newsletter content every issue. With Rainmaker MyCustom you can select layouts and content, edit your text, and upload property photos. After you review a "proof" online your customized content will appear in your next newsletter issue!

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Rainmaker Newsletters Present You As The Knowledgeable Professional That You Are

Flexible Schedule

There are no contracts, no commitment for a minimum number of issues when you subscribe to Rainmaker Newsletters. Choose the frequency that fits your mailing schedule or your marketing budget. Going on a long vacation, changing companies, changing your phone number or e-mail? We can accommodate all imprint changes with a simple change of your imprinting plate. We can temporarily suspend your subscription or change your quantity or frequency, with a simple fax or e-mail request from you. It's easy to keep your business going with a newsletter that fits your ever-changing needs.

Flexible Quantity And Payment

The minimum quantity is 200 copies per issue. Shipped-To-You subscribers can increase or decrease quantity at any time in increments of 100 (200, 300, 400, etc.) for special blanket mailings or special announcements. Subscribers benefit from an automatic reorder subscription when you pay per issue by credit card. No big up-front payments! You save money, and you won't have to deal with the hassles and inconvenience of invoiced check payments or large budget-busting payments once a year.

Rename Newsletter For Maximum Recognition

When you choose a custom imprint, you can even rename your newsletter! Change the name to John's Journal, The Smith Report, Melissa's Mortgage Messenger, The Appletree Financial News -- the possibilities are endless!












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