Frequently Asked Questions


No. All subscriptions are month to month.
All orders/subscriptions must be paid by credit card and are charged on a monthly basis on the first of each month. You may use these four major credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover.
Yes, you may cancel your subscription to Rainmaker Lead System at any time. All cancellations must be received in writing via e-mail, fax or postal service by the 15th of the month and will be effective the first day of the month after Gooder Group receives your written cancellation. Telephone cancellations cannot be accepted. Gooder Group will send You an e-mail confirmation of Your cancellation.
All customer data is archived for 6 months after cancellation. If a customer returns in that timeframe to a product of equal or lesser value, the startup fee will be waived. A pro-rated startup fee will be applied to any products of greater value.
Our customer support agents are available 9am-6pm EST Monday through Friday by phone: (703) 698-7750, or by email:
Gooder Group reserves all rights to its copyrighted materials which cannot be reproduced or distributed in any way, including printing, fax, photocopy, e-mail or via the Internet, without explicit written permission. Using the built-in social media publishing tools we grant a license to use and display the content on your social media pages.

Print Newsletterrs

No. All orders are on a pay-per-issue basis according to your chosen schedule. You may cancel at any time prior to the next order deadline.
Newsletters that are mailed for you will be dropped at the post office by the 28th of the month after the order deadline. For example, issue #5 ( 'May ') will be mailed by April 28. Order deadline for the #5 issue is March 1(see Schedule).
No. Your subscription continues month after month, year after year unless you send a written notice of cancellation (e-mail or fax). Once you order, there is no need to 'renew' your subscription ever again.
Minimum order for 'Mailed For You' service is 200 valid addresses. An order for a mailing list below the minimum will not be processed. The mailing list will be returned for you to add valid addresses and resubmit complete mailing list with the minimum 200 valid addresses. Post office requires a minimum of 200 addresses for standard mail. Individual orders below the 200 minimum, even if the combined total is more than 200, cannot be processed (i.e., 116 mailed newsletters + 100 shipped newsletters).
Newsletters that are shipped to you will arrive by the 15th of the month after the order deadline. For example, issue #5 ( 'May ') will arrive by April 15. Order deadline for the #5 issue is March 1 (see Schedule above).
Yes. Place an additional (second) order for 'shipped to you' newsletters. Minimum 'extras' order is 200 copies. All newsletter order quantities are printed exactly as ordered by the digital press (think of a copier or printer that prints exactly the number of copies selected). Example: order 200 shipped newsletters, 200 newsletters will be shipped; order 346 newsletters mailed to your list, 346 newsletters will be mailed. You only pay for the exact number of copies ordered. 'Overage' extras no longer printed. Tip:For additional newsletters to handout, increase your regular quantity for one issue or place a single order for one 'shipped to you' issue, like the popular 'Taxes' newsletter (Issue #1), and use those extras for months (200 minimum) until your supply runs out, then reorder more handout extras as needed.
No. Issues do not have date printed on the newsletter, so they never go 'out of date' for your readers. Each issue is numbered (see copyright line on Page 4) to help you identify different issues for that year. Internally issues are referred to as 'Issue #1,' 'Issue #2,' 'Issue #3,' etc., not 'January,' 'February,' 'March' issues.
Yes. A PDF proof of your masthead will be e-mailed to you for approval. One round of revisions is included in the one-time set-up price. A second PDF proof will be sent for signoff. Changes after the 2nd proof incur a $50 fee.
You may select your newsletters to be 'Mailed For You' or 'Shipped To You' or 'EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail).' Shipped-To-You newsletters are folded twice (8.5x5.5) and tabbed ready to address and mail yourself. EDDM Newsletters are folded once (8.5x11), slip sheeted in 100s ready for you to drop at your local post office (no mailing addresses needed) at dramatically lower postage rate. Besides the price per copy for the newsletter, there is an additional price for each of the three delivery options.
Yes. When we contact you to finalize your order let us know which newsletter is to be sent to which list on Even issues and Odd issues (i.e., Home Report, bimonthly even = Mailing List #1; Home Report, bimonthly odd = Mailing List #2). Tip: When you e-mail your Excel lists to Gooder Group indicate the list name and quantity for each list as a guide to Gooder Group. Gooder Group will call with any questions.
You are in control of your own mailing list. It is your property. Simply submit a complete, new updated list e-mailed to Gooder Group prior to any order deadline. There is a $10 upload-and-certification charge to replace an 'old' list with updated new list.
One combined, complete list must be e-mailed in EXCEL format to Minimum is 200 valid addresses per list. For helpful information on setting up your EXCEL file go If you need help cleaning or combining mailing lists Gooder Group's 'Database Doctor' service is available ($50 per hour, 1-hour minimum).Tip:E-mail your list(s) to Gooder Group to forward to Database Doctor services. Typically, up to 10 lists can be combined, standardized, duplicates removed and returned to you for the minimum 1-hour. If your list(s) need more work than 1-hour, job will be estimated for your approval before processing. Remember, once a list is prepared properly the first time, no further list maintenance is needed, unless you want to make changes.
Yes. The best practice is to include both your home address and your office address in your mailing lists. These copies will give you the newsletter to read, plus when you receive your copy you will know your contacts on your mailing list received their newsletter about the same time.
Because all orders are automated and credit cards are charged electronically orders cannot be split between credit cards. There can be only one credit card per order. Teams and partners can reimburse each other directly by check. Tip:You can change the credit card on file for your newsletter subscription prior to any order deadline (i.e., one partner pays for the six months, then switch cards and second partner pays for next six months). It is incumbent upon the subscriber to make credit card change prior to issue order deadline.
Yes. The easiest way is to complete a different order for each different product. Indicate which newsletter or mailing list or Masthead you want on each order. In the Comments & Notes section include a brief explanation of your different orders. Gooder Group will call you with any questions.
Yes. All cancellations must be received in writing (e-mail or fax) prior to the order deadline line (1st of month) for your next scheduled issue. Gooder Group goes to press the first of the month for newsletter editorial shells. Cancellations received after the order deadline will be processed for the following issue.
Yes. Effective January 5, 2013, the USPS requires that all quarter-folded self-mailers be tabbed to accommodate the post office automated processing machines. In addition, the newsletters are folded to comply with the post office requirement that the folded edge (_leading edge_) be on the right side of the address and the open edge (_trailing edge_) be on the left side. All newsletters are folded and tabbed for you to comply with these requirements to save you the most money, postage and time. EDDM Newsletters do not require tabbing or addressing to earn dramatically lower EDDM postage rate.
All orders must be paid by credit card and are charged on a pay-per-issue basis at the order deadline. You may use these four major credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover. Tip: Of course, what date you chose to pay your credit card account by check is up to you.
The best practice is to photocopy your existing masthead, mark any changes and fax or scan and e-mail to Gooder Group prior to issue order deadline. Because the same change charge applies if one item is changed or several, you are encouraged to make all changes at same time, such as a new cell phone or e-mail or web address or photo. See prices for masthead change fee. Tip: If extensive amount of graphic artist work is requested, hourly rates apply and cost will be estimated in advance.
See our online order form for current pricing. Price per copy is different for Home Report and Loanletter. Price per copy does not include delivery or one-time Masthead set-up. You can chose to have your newsletters 'mailed for you' or 'shipped to you' (select one), which is an additional cost. Shipped to you newsletters must be ordered in increments of hundreds, the minimum order is 200.
Gooder Group Customer Service:< br />M-F, 10am - 6pm< br />Tel: (703) 698-7750, x 107; Fax: (703) 698-8597< br />Gooder Group, Attn: Newsletters, 2267 Kentlands Blvd. Suite 3030 Gaithersburg, MD 20878
No. If you startup again within two years of hold issue. Also, if a change is needed to your masthead, a change fee will apply.
No. We recommend you e-mail ( a high-resolution color image in JPG, TIF, EPS, BMP or PDF file format, rather than a hard copy for best reproduction. Low resolution photos from the web (72 dpi) are not print quality, and cannot be processed. Be sure to indicate the name and office of all people in photo. If you have two photos on one Masthead, indicate whose photo is on left and right.
Yes. Submit two orders; one for Home Report, another order for Loanletter. In Frequency section indicate which newsletter you want on Even issues and Odd issues (i.e., Home Report = Bimonthly even; Loanletter = Bimonthly odd).
Home Report is a monthly full-color, 4-page newsletter that focuses on 'buying and selling' topics, as well as taxes, financing, investing, relocating, and real estate news. Home Report is ideal for real estate professionals to mail to prospective sellers, buyers, farm areas and active prospects. Loanletter is a monthly full-color, 4-page newsletter filled with helpful tips and insightful articles covering mortgage financing, refinancing, taxes, home buying and more!. Loanletter is perfect for loan officers and direct lead generation.
Gooder Group must receive all orders, changes or cancellations by the first of the month for next issue (Example: Order deadline is March 1 to be delivered by April 15 or mailed by April 28 for Issue #5). From order deadline to shipped delivery or mailed by date there is a 6+ week production cycle.

Print MyCustom

Rainmaker MyCustom is a service that allows newsletter subscribers to customize their newsletter content on Page 4 every issue. With your UserID and Password you can login from any computer with Internet access (no extra software is needed) and select layuts and content from your MyCustom Catalog. You then edit your text and upload property photos (optional) and review a 'proof' online. Your customized contentent will appear in your next issue!
Yes. If you do not want to customize your newsletter content, you do not have to subscribe to the MyCustom service. If you change your mind, you can subscribe any time. There is no charge to set up the MyCustom service.
Yes. Many customers have multiple accounts that allow them to have different imprints (page 1) or different schedules or to mail to different lists. You have the choice to have a MyCustom account with every newsletter account you have; that way you can customize the content in specific issues in different ways. A MyCustom service fee will apply for each newsletter account.
Yes. Your MyCustom is a set subscription fee for access to the service. Your cost does not change based on your quantity or delivery choice (ship or mail) or frequency.
Yes. You can change your content selection and the text and/or photos every issue with the MyCustom service.
Yes. Your content Catalog will give you several choices. You can change your selection and edit different content every issue. MyCustom also saves a content selection. That means, if you do not change the text or photo you can select that content again for a future issue. Many customers like to alternate between different content to keep their newsletter fresh. Once content text is overwritten, only the current version is saved in MyCustom.
Yes. You can cancel your MyCustom service anytime without canceling your newsletter. To cancel all you do is send an e-mail to your Gooder Group customer service person before the next issue order deadline, and your MyCustom service will be turned off.
Yes. The MyCustom fee is charged for every issue you print on your newsletter schedule. Thus, a monthly subscription is charged 12x per year for access to your MyCustom service; a bimonthly subscription is charged 6x per year, a quarterly is charged 4x per year, etc. Your MyCustom fee is charged on a pay-per-issue-printed basis; regardless if you change your selection or content for that issue or let your previous selection carryover.
Yes. Once you set-up MyCustom that account controls the printing of your newsletters, and prints the content selection you have chosen. If you customize the content in any specific issue, or not, your MyCustom service controls production and subscription fee is charged.
Yes. Many customers do exactly that. We call it 'zero-based marketing.' Arrange for sponsors, such as lenders, builders, attorneys, local businesses, etc., to pay for an ad (often ads look best as a custom design; custom design costs apply), or write a paid 'advertorial' article, or include sponsors' contact information in the content text (often applies for lenders and builders). Ask your customer service person for suggestions and details.
Yes. Many customers like to set-it-and-forget-it. The MyCustom system is designed to continue to print your content selection issue after issue, until you change the selection. That means, you can select a custom design to repeat every issue, or select the referral template to appear every issue, or let a property listing continue until it is sold. You are in control.
Yes. There are two Open Period calendars that give you an 'open window' to customize your MyCustom content for a specific issue. Because Shipped-To-You newsletters are produced earlier than Mailed-For-You newsletters the Open Periods are different. Both windows are for 30 days. For Shipped-To-You orders: 2nd of month to last day of same month. For Mailed-For-You orders: 22nd of month to 20th of next month. You can make changes right up to the deadline to close the MyCustom Open Period. The content selected when the issue's Open Period closes is the content that will appear in that issue.
Yes. MyCustom allows you to 'pull out the stops' to have a custom design made for your MyCustom Catalog, that gives you unlimited control to create whatever custom content you want (very popular with customers who sell ads to local business partners to help pay for their marketing). Gooder Group's graphic designer will produce the custom design for your approval. Ask your customer service person for samples and about your choices, specifications and costs.

Rainmaker eContent

Yes, you can have that done automatically via an RSS feed or copy and paste the content onto your website.
Yes, our content automatically posts to your Facebook page. You can easily edit the schedule, taglines or posts at anytime.
Yes, you can use Rainmaker eContent in your existing email clients. Just use our easy 'Copy' buttons.
Yes, contact Sales to discuss options.
Yes, we offer a discount of $360 for individuals that pay for a year in advance. That's more than 3 months free.
We typically post 12 to 15 articles each month.
Yes, every article we post includes a landing page and a supporting ebook we call the Digital Carrot.
In Rainmaker eContent, the banner area will notify you if you need to authorize the Rainmaker Facebook app. Go to the Account tab, and click the Facebook Login link.
In Rainmaker eContent you can reschedule a post or delete a post when you click Edit on any article in the Content tab.
After clicking the Content tab, find the article you want to edit, click the Edit button in the bottom right of the article. Click on the Social Post Date field and select the date and time on the popup calendar.
When editing an article, click on the Social Post Date field and select the date and time on the popup calendar. Then click Schedule Post.
When editing an article click the Digital Carrot drop-down menu and select the digital brochure you want to use. Then click Schedule Post.
Go to the Account page, on the left sidebar, click the RSS URL link. Copy that link and provide it to your webmaster or tech support. We can assist with this one-time effort as well.
On the Content tab, find the article you want to copy, click any of the 'Copy' buttons, go to your email program and from the menu choose Edit - Paste.
In Rainmaker eContent, click the red 'Create' button. If you see a drop down menu, select 'Article.' All fields are required.
New articles are added near the end of each month.
After clicking the Content tab, find the article you want to edit, click the Edit button in the bottom right of the article.


Yes. The Rainmaker Lead System provides multiple tools that allows you to create and manage your own e-mail branding, including e-mail banners.
Action Plans, Campaigns and E-Library e-mails are used in different ways. Action Plans are finite with a fixed number of e-mails in each series. Campaigns are periodicals with recurring, scheduled emails. The E-Library stores user created individual e-mails that can be sent in E-Mail Blasts.
The Rainmaker Lead System provides report tools for email opens and click-throughs that allows you to easily view the hot prospects for the time frame you choose.
The Cover Letters for the E-Newsletter, E-LoanLetter, and E-HomeNews are fully customizable - similar to an Action Plan or E-Library e-mail. Gooder Group does recommend to keep the article links as is so potential leads can easily access the article content. Also the side bar on the Cover Letters for the E-Newsletter, E-LoanLetter, and E-HomeNews can be customized to include images, text and links of your choosing.
Our support section consists of a comprehensive written guide and video tutorials detailing step-by-step instructions on the system. Rainmaker DRIP E-MAIL subscriptions and above also include a complimentary 30-minute QuickStart walk-through with one of our Rainmaker Lead System experts.
Yes. Gooder Group provides two ways to import your own contacts into the system. You can either enter individual contacts manually through the user interface or you can bulk import contacts using a .CSV spreadsheet. As our way of thanking you for your order, we will always import your first bulk spreadsheet for you!
Rainmaker E-NEWSLETTER ONLY: Access to all Campaigns and E-Library. Rainmaker DRIP E-MAIL: Access to all Campaigns, Action Plans, and E-Library. Rainmaker E-CENTRAL: Access to all Drip E-mail features plus 875+ pages of plug-in web content and lead capture forms. Rainmaker MEGASITES: A fully-loaded website boasting 100+ pages of E-Central web content and lead capture forms that funnels leads directly into the companion Drip E-mail system.
All Actions Plans are fully customizable, you can modify, delete, or create entirely new plans to fit your strategy. Campaign customization is limited to branding and Cover Letter e-mails.


All websites come with 100+ Rainmaker Lead System forms pre-installed on the website. These forms automatically import any contact information captured into your drip e-mail system and intelligently assigns the new lead to an action plan or campaign that best fits their needs.
Yes. All websites are built on the open-source WordPress platform for ease of use and flexibility. WordPress has an extensive list of features and, as it is constantly evolving, this list of features is constantly growing. Check out the up-to-date list of features.
We include several features to increase SEO organically. The website is directly hosted under your domain so pre-installed and custom content created enhance your placement on search engine results, which increases traffic to your site and generates more leads. The All-In-One SEO plugin is also pre-installed which automatically optimizes your website for search engines.
All websites include a pre-installed blog, which you can customize and add to through the WordPress user interface.
Yes. It includes a leading-edge suite of add-on features to connect your website directly with the social platform of your choice.
Customers are responsible for purchasing the domain name(s) they wish to be associated with their new website. Gooder Group provides the hosting account for the website.

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