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The hardest part of sending email is writing the content. We take care of that for you! Choose our ready-made content – or write your own – and send. It’s that easy. You can set-it-and forget-it – or take the wheel and drive your own campaigns.

New Rainmaker E-mail – Simple. Powerful. Results.

It's Easy:

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    Choose a pre-written article or write your own.

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    Pick your template – or we’ll design one for you.

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    Choose your send-to list – we’ll tell you who your hottest prospects are!

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    Schedule and send! Our reporting will show you everything you need to know to evaluate the effectiveness of your emails - and even what content is most popular with your audience.


3 pricing plans to suit your needs.


Easy-to-understand features so you send exactly what


Everything you need to grow your business through email marketing.


Choose our content or customize the articles just the way you’d like.
Every article links to a landing page containing one of our most popular digital brochures encouraging downloads via a lead capture form.
We’ll send you a text message to let you know about the new lead.
Activity is tracked per email AND per article. So you can see what contact is attracting your leads.
Hot Leads is better than ever with a new Points system. A lead increases their points every open, every click, every landing page open and every digital brochure download.
Individual articles can be emailed to leads at anytime.
Increased deliverability with industry standard email authentication, including DKIM and DMARC.
Custom template creation.

Rainmaker eContent: Are you a Rainmaker in your market?

Content Library

Pick articles from a variety of current real estate topics that our writers research and craft each month. Just drag-and-drop the articles you choose into our template and your newsletter is written, with graphics and links, automatically.

Fresh Monthly Content

Monthly email newsletter sent automatically to your digital farm. Leverage the same new fresh content we create every month for you.

Reporting With Action!

Lots of email systems can tell you the number of opens and clicks. We give you intelligent and actionable reporting. When a lead clicks on your content we can send you a text message. Action and results!

Digital HomeReport

Perfect for buying and selling prospects and delivers new real estate and home-related content every issue to generate referrals from clients, sphere and farm homeowners.

Digital LoanLetter

Packed with terrific tips, helpful hints and articles on financing, refinancing, taxes, money matters and much more relevant consumer content related to mortgage financing and home buying -- written in the voice of a mortgage professional.

Action Plans

100+ ready-made e-mail Action Plans that meet your marketing objectives for lead generation, prospect follow-up and long-term contact.












Why choose us

E mail still works. Email is still the best way to get your digital message across. Your best way to stay in touch with your market and to nurture past and future clients. Connected directly to our lead capture forms, we send fresh content email for you automatically, zero effort on your part.

Your most valuable asset is your database. Own your database, no matter the brokerage where you hang your sign. You have the ability to get your data out of Rainmaker Lead System anytime.

  • Fresh monthly set-it and forget-it emails sent automatically.
  • Huge library of action plan content for your marketing pushes.
  • Reporting metrics on opens and clicks.

"The Gooder Group meets the gold standard!"

I cannot say enough about how great it is to work with the Gooder Group! I have been customer of theirs for years. They are professional, responsive, informative and all around just nice people to work with! They have a multitude of materials and website content that you can choose to use. All of these have really helped me grow my business.

Meg Ross, Realtor®, Arlington, VA Keller Williams

Rainmaker Lead System Mailbox. Inbox. Online. Where are you reaching your customers?

Add eContent, Get Drip Email Campaigns too!

Put the chocolate and the peanut butter together to get something even better together! When you choose Rainmaker Email and Rainmaker eContent we have a unique opportunity to add Drip Email Campaigns to your digital marketing services. We've written over 100 emails that target specific lead situations. Each email has a link to an article in our eContent Library.

Like all articles in the Rainmaker Lead System every article in the library has a lead capture form, text alert and eBook download. Drip Email Campaigns are the best way to automatically touch leads on a consistent basis with intelligent, valuable real estate guidance.


Ten unique campaigns designed to handle any lead opportunity.
Every email links to an article landing page containing one of our most popular digital brochures encouraging downloads via a lead capture form.
Over 100 different emails designed to highlight your market knowledge.
Turbo-charges your Rainmaker eContent library by sending an automatic drip email campaign to every new lead.
More Turbo! Works with all articles posted using Rainmaker Social.
Send campaigns to any lead, even leads already in your database.
Industry standard email authentication, including DKIM and DMARC.
Custom template creation available.
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Free eBook: Social Media 101 for Real Estate Pros

Learn how to make social media work for you in this eBook: Social Media 101 for Real Estate Pros

You will learn:
  • How to overcome fears of creating a social presence.
  • What, when and how often to post.
  • Simple ways to differentiate yourself on social media.
  • What social networks to focus on for the biggest impact.

  • If you aren’t posting content in social media outlets, you will get zero leads and zero closed sales from this interactive community.