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Need content for your blog or website? Need to send drip-email campaigns? What if you had a huge library of real estate articles you could use for any sales situation? Rainmaker eContent does all this and more.

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    Fresh Blog Articles. All the articles we write for you on a monthly basis can be posted to your website automatically every few days. One-time setup works for you, set-it-and-forget-it!

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    Copy And Paste - It's That Easy. You can also copy and paste any Rainmaker articles into your emails and on your website. We licence the content for you to use digitally anywhere you need.

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    Ready-Made Landing Page. Every article includes a lead capture landing page with your banner, the full article and a lead capture form.

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    Drip Email Campaigns. Over 100 drip-emails design for you and ready to go. Leads automatically setup on the most appropriate plan based on their interest.

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    Custom eBrochure Download. To entice your Landing Page visitors, we include a Digital Brochure download with every article. Your leads will get a Digital Brochure with your logo on the front cover.

Be A Rainmaker

Take your market by storm with award-winning Rainmaker eContent.

Rainmaker eContent: Are you positioning yourself as a market leader?

Real Estate Content

Get fresh content created monthly by our award-winning editorial team and use in your existing email and social tools. Our real estate specific articles highlight you as a leader in the market. You get all the benefit of the best content in the business without any of the headache os switching your database and email tools.

Fresh Monthly Content

Our editorial team creates new articles for you based on current industry events.

Real Estate Focus

To entice your Landing Page visitors, we include a Digital Brochure download with every article. Your leads will get a Digital Brochure with your logo on the front cover.

Top Producer Integration

You get dozens of our current articles to choose from. You have three months of articles to choose from at all times.

Crystal Ball

We create our articles 30-60 days in advance so that you can use our content without any rush and use it when it's a good time for you.

Digital Anywhere

Use the Rainmaker Digital Content in your emails, on your website and on your social media.

Immediate Benefit

Start benefiting immediately. No nightmare of switching your database or switching your email system. Just use Rainmaker eContent with your existing tools.

Lead Capture Landing Page

Every article includes a lead capture webpage with your banner, the full article and a lead capture form. This option is included with your monthly subscription.

eBrochure Download

To entice your Landing Page visitors, we include a Digital Brochure download with every article. Your leads will get a Digital Brochure with your logo on the front cover.

Top Producer Integration

After a lead completes your form, we can send their contact information directly into Top Producer 8i. We also send you an alert message when a lead completes the form. No need to switch your database.

Website Posting - Automatically

You know you need fresh content on your website, but it takes consistent effort and time. Good news! Our automatic posting puts fresh content on your website every few days. Focus on helping families find their next home, we'll do the writing for you.

Rainmaker eContent One Minute Demo

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Showing your value everywhere your clients are can be exhausting. Your website is one place clients and prospects will want to connect and evaluate you and your abilities — it's often your prospect's first impression of you. But feeding your your website takes a lot of time — time you could be spending selling. With the Rainmaker Lead System, we take the pain out of adding new content to your website automatically ... poof. We'll automatically post new content every few days — ZERO effort on your part.

Rainmaker eContent: Are you a Rainmaker in your market?

Highlights From our Terms and Conditions
  • Licensed for use in your email, website and social posts.
  • Content cannot be shared with other real estate agents, brokers.
  • Only one computer can be authorized to access Rainmaker eContent at a time.
  • Content cannot be printed. Learn about our print products
  • Use any content for as long as you like and your account is current.

How Does It Work? What's Involved?

Create Account

Create your Rainmaker eContent account.

Authorize Facebook

Tell Facebook it's OK for us to automatically post to your account.

Go Do Other Stuff

Actually, that's it, there are only two steps.

Rainmaker eContent: Ready-made content how you want it.

Why choose us

W e've been in business 32 years analyzing the real estate market and creating great content to help you generate more business. Rainmaker Digital Content is the same, great content we've always made available in print and in our digital lead system. We've just made it available for you to use in your own email, website, and social media platforms.

  • Fresh, timely real estate-specific articles written for you.
  • Use in your existing email, website and social media.
  • Automatic, zero-effort posting to your website.
  • Demonstrate your market knowledge.
  • Stay in front of your market with consistent, smart content.
  • No effort, immediate benefit.

"Try the Gooder Group - you will not be disappointed!"

Remember that as a realtor, all of your materials and marketing are a reflection of you, your standards and your professionalism. The Gooder Group meets the gold standard.

Meg Ross, Realtor®, Arlington, VA Keller Williams

Rainmaker Lead System Mailbox. Inbox. Online. Where are you reaching your customers?

Add Rainmaker Email, Get Drip Email Campaigns too!

Put the chocolate and the peanut butter together to get something even better together! When you choose Rainmaker Email and Rainmaker eContent we have a unique opportunity to add Drip Email Campaigns to your digital marketing services. We've written over 100 emails that target specific lead situations. Each email has a link to an article in our eContent Library.

Like all articles in the Rainmaker Lead System every article in the library has a lead capture form, text alert and eBook download. Drip Email Campaigns are the best way to automatically touch leads on a consistent basis with intelligent, valuable real estate guidance.


Ten unique campaigns designed to handle any lead opportunity.
Every email links to an article landing page containing one of our most popular digital brochures encouraging downloads via a lead capture form.
Over 100 different emails designed to highlight your market knowledge.
Turbo-charges your Rainmaker eContent library by sending an automatic drip email campaign to every new lead.
More Turbo! Works with all articles posted using Rainmaker Social.
Send campaigns to any lead, even leads already in your database.
Industry standard email authentication, including DKIM and DMARC.
Custom template creation available.
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