About the Gooder Group

GOODER GROUP is a leading publisher of lead-generating marketing tools for real estate and mortgage professionals since 1983.

GOODER GROUP's Core Business Is ' Leads'
GOODER GROUP is focused on a specific, single idea summed up in one single word: Leads.

Every aspect of leads is GOODER GROUP's specialty: lead generation, lead capture, lead conversion, lead management, after-sale lead nurture. We specialize in the real estate and mortgage origination industries. In short, GOODER GROUP helps you ' Take your lead generation by storm!' Our only business is to help our customers generate, capture and convert, and nurture leads.

Customer-Centered Philosophy
We believe our products are superior because all our products are customer-centered. Not only are the products written and designed to produce results for our customers — real estate and mortgage professionals — but the products are also created with your customer in mind — the consumer. From experience we know this quality-content approach produces maximum results. That is why our products stand above our competitors.

Having Fun, Selling More With Flawless Products And Exceptional Service
Our mission is simple: Having fun, selling more with flawless products and service. Above all, our goal is to enjoy what we do. We believe that our enjoyment in delivering flawless products and exceptional service to our customers will be reflected in our customers' satisfaction. Ultimately, your success is our success. We look forward to working with you!

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Team Selfies

Kirstin CraneCEO

Kevin HoffmanPresident, Customer Success Officer

Dan Gooder RichardRainmaker, Emeritus

Synnove GranholmRainmaker, Emeritus

Tracy BurakowskiSales Director

Wendy WellsController

Stephanie SimmonsCustomer Success, Print

Jesse HickmanCustomer Success, Digital

Tammy WaitsmanIT Director

David WuGraphic Designer

Amy HausmanEditor

Dan RafterEditor

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